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ADSL is the most common form of connectivity and is widely used
We utilise the copper network from Telkom to give you data. This is where no other form of high end connection is available.
We have a range of ADSL Connections to suit your needs. We have Home connections and business connections, as well as Capped and Uncapped connections.
Please note that while widely available, the maximum speed is network dependant.
We can also control your ADSL lines so should you have issues, you would no longer need to call telkom, but rather call us directly


Break the internet's speed limits with LTE

Get ready to achieve all the things you want to do online with superfast LTE. Like breaking more high scores when gaming thanks to less lag, communication barriers when video-conferencing with quicker input responses and long waiting times when video streaming with less buffering.

Wireless Internet

We have a few Microwave Link options as well as VSAT options.

You would use these systems in places where there is little to no wired connectivity.

Contact us to find out how we can move you to a reasonable wireless solution.

Fibre Optic Internet

Fibre Optic Internet

For those in an Openserve Coverage area, we can supply you with Fibre.

All you need is a Fibre router to get connected. Please contact us if you do not have one or require a coverage check.

Our Fibre speeds range from 4mbps to 100mbps and we also offer home, premium and business connections, as well as capped options.

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