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Trend Hosted Security

Trend Hosted Security

Have a look at what Worry-FreeTM Business Security offers and let us know if we can assist you serving your customers with the best. Managed by our in-house team of experts

Trend MicroTM Worry-FreeTM Business Security

Like most small businesses, you probably have limited resources for your IT security. So protecting your livelihood against ever-evolving IT threats can be a significant challenge. Trend Micro can help you overcome the hurdles and protect your staff anywhere, anytime, on any device.

For the past four years, more small businesses worldwide have trusted Trend Micro for content security than any other provider. We also achieved the highest overall score from for all participating vendors on corporate endpoint and mobile security.

Trend MicroTM Worry-FreeTM Business Security provides complete user protection that includes antivirus, antispam, web security, ransomware protection, and data security for your PCs, Macs, servers, and mobile devices. Uniquely offered to small business customers, advanced targeted attack protection gives you extra security against advanced threats.

Specifically designed for small businesses, Worry-Free Business Security is easy to use, has a small footprint, and won’t slow you or your staff down. And you have the option to deploy it on your premises or hosted by Trend Micro.

With Worry-Free Business Security, you will be confident that your IT security is comprehensive and your business data is safe.

Using the global threat intelligence from Trend Micro Smart Protection NetworkTM, Worry-Free Business Security provides immediate protection against the latest threats. Every day Smart Protection Network analyzes more than 15 terabytes of threat data. Then it identifies and blocks 250+ million threats in the cloud before they can reach your systems.

IASO Cloud Backup

IASO Cloud Backup

Would you function without your company data? The answer is most likely not. Lets change that!

Backup isn’t just about storing copies of your data; it’s really more about what happens when you need to restore it. You see, the more often you back up, the more up-to-date the data is when the time comes to restore it. Much of this is driven by the backup window, which is the time it takes

to perform a backup without impacting system and network performance. Performance degradation is one reason backups are usually done during off- peak hours.

When backups take time, they burden the IT department that has to manage them. And they tax the network that supports the backups. Time definitely impacts, and perhaps even dictates, backup behavior.

Due to the state of most backup solutions, few businesses back up as often as they should. This is particularly true for shops that still use tape.

If you do one incremental backup daily, you are believed to be doing well. If you have a serious crash, a full day’s data could be lost. And restoring from tape could take at least that long. Possibly longer.

This is due in part to the sheer size of some backups but it is also due to the fact that some still use tape, which is a difficult, unwieldy, unreliable, and time-consuming way to do backup. Or simply put, backups are too big and take too long.

Please contact us to secure your businesses future.

Off Site Backups

Off Site Backups

Offsite backups can be done in two different ways.

Option one is to have have a cloud based backup like our IASO offering. This is incrementally backed up daily to IASO’s data centre.

The second is to have an external drive that gets taken offsite daily or weekly.

Both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages and we would need to analyse your workflow to assist you in deciding the best solution for your current requirements.

In some instances and depending on your line of work, We could recommend that you have both of the above offsite backup options. With ransomware becoming a reality, it is better safe than sorry.

Give us a call to discuss your needs in detail so we can help you make the correct decision for you.

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